5 tips from Angelica Urbas for new graduates to shape career

After completion of graduation, the first thing that strike in the mind of a student, is - what’s next? Actually, the first few months after graduation are highly valuable for starting an excellent career, although most of the fresh graduates do not have any idea on how to start it. If you too are having the same problem, know some tips from Angelica Urbas to give your career a grand beginning.

Take help from your alumni network: Whatever be the size of your university, staying connected with your alumni network is always advantageous for getting a new job. Having successful alumnis in the fields that interest you is obviously great. But, you should not ask them directly to help you for getting a job. Rather, you can ask them to share their experiences and guide you for achieving the goal.

Consider internships: After being graduate, you can get different internship opportunities. Just like full time jobs, such internships also give you excellent scope for developing new skills. However, Angelica Urbas considers that before joining any such programs, make sure that it is worthy of your time. You should also check the quality of training you are going to receive before starting to work as an intern.

Know what you dislike: During an internship, you get chance to be familiar with the industry of your interest. However, it also gives you excellent scope to know your dislikings. So, while working as an intern, try to identify what you want to avoid in future career.

Develop new skills : Surely during graduation, you have learnt lots of skills. But; you have to learn many other thing in your career too, even when you are in search of a new job. Urbas considers that developing new skills in the first few months after graduation, will help you a lot in future.

As per Angelica Urbas, getting the first job might seem slight difficult to you. However, there is no need to stay worried about the future always. Spending some time for your hobby too will also help you for handling the difficulties.


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